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Message from the President

As the global leader in cross domain solutions, we enable government, intelligence, and commercial organizations to share sensitive information, securely. Our certified and accredited products are currently utilized by hundreds of thousands of users worldwide. We proudly enable the secure access and transfer of critical information making nations safer, reducing costs, and providing a positive return on investment.

Ed Hammersla - President

About RTCS

Raytheon Trusted Computer Solutions (RTCS), the global leader in cross domain solutions, provides software and services that enable federal and civilian government agencies, 5 Eyes, NATO, and high risk industries such as Financial Services, the ability to share and access information securely across multiple networks (including the most sensitive and classified networks). RTCS’ certified and accredited cross domain solutions protect information while ensuring that the necessary information gets to the right people in a timely manner. This is a critical component of both national and private industry security.

Raytheon Trusted Computer Solutions is part of Raytheon’s Intelligence and Information Systems business. Trusted Computer Solutions became part of Raytheon in November 2010 to support the Company’s objective of delivering world class, end-to-end cyber security solutions. more...

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New! Raytheon Trusted Computer Solutions' White Papers and Datasheets

Trusted Thin Client® Datasheet
"Secure Enterprise Access to Multiple Domains from a Single Connection Point”

Trusted Thin Client® DC Spanning Datasheet
"Expanding Secure Multilevel Access to Geographically Separate Enterprise Data Centers”


Advancements in High Performance Graphics with Trusted Thin Client® White Paper
"By continuing to leverage technology advancements in the marketplace, Raytheon Trusted Computer Solutions is now able to provide high performance graphics capabilities with Trusted Thin Client. Using technology from NVIDIA® and Citrix®, users who require high performance graphic applications as well as administrative users of office-based applications can take advantage of the benefits from Trusted Thin Client multilevel access......”

Incorporating New Technology in Cross Domain Solutions While Minimizing Risk Migration to Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® 6 White Paper
"Migrating from Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 to 6 is a relatively low impact effort that ensures systems are up to date without introducing platform modification. Raytheon Trusted Computer Solutions’ newest product offerings will run on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 in order to provide the most advanced support of cross domain customer missions.....”


The High Speed Guard (HSG) cross domain information sharing solution is NOT approved for export beyond the Five-Eyes partners.
The Small Format Guard™(SFG) cross domain information sharing solution is NOT approved for export beyond the United States (US).

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High Speed Guard - Understanding the Business Case for Cross Domain Information Sharing Solutions Webcast Archive

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